A thatched roof

House of straw

Thatching is one of the oldest surviving building crafts and was the most common roof covering every part of Britain in the medieval period. The Country Gentleman’s Association’s connection with thatching can be traced back to the late 19th century, when it first provided goods and services to the industry.

Mass production and the expansion of the railway network gradually reduced the price of other roofing materials such as clay tiles, slate and corrugates iron. At the same time, changes in agriculture led to a reduction in the number of thatched houses in the countryside and a shortage of skilled thatcher's. However, with the renewed interest in our historic architecture, thatching is now becoming increasingly popular and improvements to building regulations and fire safety guidance are helping to reduce the number of thatch roof fires. According to the Thatch Advice Centre, a thatched roof is no more likely to catch fire than conventional roofs.

Are thatched roofs more expensive to insure?

Yes because they are a bigger fire risk than slate roofs so typically customers pay more for building and contents insurance. Thatched roofs are also built using specific materials by specialist which means their build cost is more expensive than for other types of roofs.

However, at CGA Protect, we’ve worked very closely with owners of thatched properties since 1940 and can empathise with many of the intricacies involved in thatched property maintenance and protection. We have the expertise to give householders the best advice regarding specific risks to these properties to reduce the chances of a devastating occurrence, such as a fire. Our insurers can also help in this respect, with fire chimney surveys just one example.

What can we cover?

-         Listed buildings

-         Semi-detached and terraced properties

-         Holiday homes and let properties

-         Properties with wood burners and open fires

If you would like a quote from our friendly insurance team, head to our thatch insurance page and send us an enquiry or give our team a call. We’re committed to never using automated services so you can be sure that your call will be answered by one our team members

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