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CGA Magazine - a "members only" publication of excellence

Reach an exclusive audience - Advertise in the CGA Magazine.

The CGA Magazine has a corps of loyal advertisers who have been with us for years, and the "old hands" recognise the pulling power of this top quality, glossy, lifestyle publication which (in a recent survey) was rated "useful" by 96 percent of our members.

Here are some stats and facts gleaned from membership surveys:

  • The magazine is received by the 14,220 CGA members in the UK - an affluent group of whom 82% own their own home and 17% have a second home. The estates of 75% of members are valued at more than 1-million.
  • 45% keep the magazine around for four months or more.
  • The CGA Magazine is tasteful, refined and editorially focused on interesting news, views and features, rather than celebrity-obsessed.
  • The magazine is the main vehicle through which members keep up with the latest membership benefits, events and special offers, therefore it is widely and thoroughly read.
  • CGA members are discerning and inclined to buy goods and services on the basis of recommendation and trust. They trust the CGA Magazine's recommendations.
  • A total of 79% of CGA members have used a service or purchased a product advertised in CGA Magazine. Of those who have made a purchase, 81% stated that they had made several purchases.
  • We would welcome the opportunity to discuss advertising opportunities and rates with clients - old and new.

For advertising queries, please contact Rebecca Collins