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What antiques are selling in 2021?

Modern antiques are experiencing a rise in popularity which has led to some having more valuable items than they realised.

Surprisingly, 2020 led to some auction houses experiencing like-for-like sales higher than before the pandemic hit. This could be thanks to antiques seeing rise in popularity amongst the younger generation and the increased accessibility online-only auctions give to wider audiences. Some experts believe that even with the easing of Covid restriction, some auction houses will continue with online-only auctions due to their popularity. What antiques are predicted to do well in 2021? It's not just traditional Victorian furniture or the ever-popular Chinese antiques that are predicted to do well this year. Experts believe there could be an increase in demand for a new mid-century items as well.


While some types of furniture remain firm favourites among antique dealers, this year is predicted to see the rise in mid to late century furniture as well. Experts are predicting a move away from fashionable, minimalist furniture and towards retro pieces from the second half of the 20th century. Furniture from the 70's and 80's is expected to be particularly popular with some older 1970's Ikea furniture selling for up to ten times the original price.

Eco Consciousness

It's hard to escape the reuse message these days and as sustainability becomes ever more fashionable, vintage pieces are more in demand with auctions being the pinnacle of recycling. The time spent at home over the last year has boosted this somewhat by the sudden need for home to feel like a place of comfort. As awareness of the home has increased, so have the sales of antique lamps, lighting, bookcases and tables, presumably to furnish all those home offices.


As the time spent at home increased, so did the demand for quality pieces from the past. Memorabilia has always held a top spot at auction houses, usually in the form of toys or books that remind people of their childhood. Space-related memorabilia continues to do particularly well, with quality items related to Star Wars, Star Trek or even Apollo 11 selling very well in auction houses. Perhaps surprisingly, more 'modern' technology does very well as well, there have been instances where a mint condition, first-generation Ipod Classic (released in 2001) can sell for a few thousand pounds.

How to get a valuation

If you think you have something valuable in your home, it's a good idea to check auction sites to see how much it could be worth. Alternatively, you can check with an auction house for a more accurate valuation, this could be a local one or you can search for an auctioneer who specialises in the item you are selling. Many auction houses offer free appraisal days so you can get a clear idea of the value of your item without having to spend anything.

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