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Keeping you covered at home and abroad

Standard travel insurance gives you protection just in case your holiday doesn’t go as planned, but what you will be covered for can vary a great deal depending on the policy you choose. As a minimum, travel insurance should include cancellations, medical expenses, evacuations, losses or delays and assitance. Without it, you will have to pay should a problem occur.

Often, other valuable features are available to cover incidents such as:

-         UK departure assistance and missed UK connection

-         Lost or stolen baggage including business goods or equipment

-         Personal accident

-         Loss or theft of personal money, passport or documents

At CGA Protect, our trained advisors will help you get the right cover to suit your travel needs. In order to find the most suitable policy we will help you consider:

How many times a year do you intend to travel?

This could be travel within the UK or abroad. It may be that annual trip policy would give better value for money than several individual policies

Where are you planning to go?

Did you know that the Cannel Islands are classed as Europe for insurance purposes? Most insurer cover either Europe or worldwide – and you should always check that you are insured to travel to your destination. Europe-only policies are generally cheaper than worldwide cover. If you are travelling to America, Canada or the Caribbean make sure you choose a worldwide policy.

What are you planning to do while you are away?

It’s important to check for exclusions on your travel insurance policy, so you don’t get a nasty surprise when it comes to making a claim. Most firms exclude risky activities – and risky activities could mean common holiday pursuits such as horse riding and scuba diving. Alternatively, you may need a specialist policy– winter sports insurance, for example, is tailor-made for skiers and snowboarders, often covering expensive and ski passes. But you still need to read the small print as terms and conditions vary. If you think you may be planning something adventurous, like bungee jumping or white-water rafting, then you will need to get cover for this too. The premiums are usually higher than for standard cover to reflect the greater risk of claims. But its worth the price for the peace of mind.

What will you be taking with you?

As tech has gotten smaller and lighter, these expensive items have become common travelling companions. Some studies suggest that British holiday makers take an average of3.2 gadgets away with them, totaling 121.4m throughout the year. The value of these devices is estimated to be a whopping £20.2 bn. Many travel insurance policies impose limits on individual items, so make sure that you have sufficient protection to cover your needs should a problem occur. Your home insurance on our main residence may provide cover for items on your person which exceed these limits, but again, its essential to check the small print.

Do you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition?

It is essential that you declare this when looking for cover to make sure that your policy will protect you. This is because not all travel insurers will cover you and, if they do, premiums can rocket. On this basis, it may be tempting to ignore or simply not declare your condition, but this could leave you without cover and an extortionate bill for treatment if you were to fall ill or have an accident.

At CGA Protect we have access to Travel insurance specialists who can offer exclusive benefits with their policies such as:

-         No upper age limit for single trips

-         Winter sports cover for individuals up to 70 years of age

-         Cover for up to 100 sports and activities included in the policy

-         Cover for up to 300 medical conditions.

If you are interested in finding out more then head over to our insurance pages and send us and enquiry form or give us a call on 01985850706 and speak to one of our friendly insurance team who can offer you tailored advice

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