Fleet Insurance

What is it and do you need it?

Vehicles have become integral to the survival of many businesses and many will own a number of vehicles from cars to vans or even HGVs. Managing the insurance policies of these vehicles individually can be both time consuming and expensive which is where fleet insurance comes in.

Fleet insurance was designed for businesses or individuals who operate a number of vehicles and would benefit from having all of their policies in one place. There are many benefits of having a fleet insurance policy which we will discuss in this article.

What is fleet insurance?

This is where individuals or businesses bulk buy insurance policies for all their vehicles from one provider and are usually rewarded with a discount. The size of the fleet can vary depending on the needs of the person purchasing the policy but at CGA Protect we can offer fleet insurance to individuals and businesses with three vehicles or more.

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be both time consuming and expensive and this is where fleet insurance becomes a good solution. They are designed to be efficient and easier to manage than having a number of different policies for different vehicles from different providers and can help to reduce premiums, making the process more manageable. This also means you only have one renewal date and payment date.

What is covered with fleet insurance?

This will vary depending on your provider but at CGA Protect we can offer cover for:

-         Drivers up to 79 years of age

-         Carjacking

-         Misfuelling

-         Theft or damage to vehicles

-         Legal expenses

-         Full UK recovery including home start

-         New car replacement up to an agreed value

Getting the right type of fleet cover

In order to ensure you are getting the most out of your fleet insurance policy its important to assess the usage of your vehicles. There are many options with regards to the type of fleet insurance provided and each policy differs slightly to best suit the customers need. While this can be daunting, using a broker such as CGA Protect can take a lot of the confusion out of it, we can help you to assess your needs and choose the best policy to suit you.

How can you reduce the cost of your premiums?

No one likes high insurance premiums, so if you are a business looking to take out anew fleet insurance policy there are a number of things you can do to reduce the cost:

Low emissions vehicles. Electric of hybrid cars and vans generally have less power than regular vehicles so they’re considered safer by insurers.

Driver awareness courses. Sending employees on a driver awareness course can help to improve aspects like fuel efficiency, driving in bad weather and hazard perception. It also helps to ensure you are employing drivers with a clean record and over the age of 25.

Maintaining your vehicles. This is important with any vehicles but encouraging daily checks on tyre pressure, brake pads and oil levels and keeping service record will ensure your vehicles are kept in good condition and any potential issues are highlighted early.

Security and technology. Ensuring you have a visible, working CCTV system in place or that your vehicles are kept in a locked garage overnight can reduce insurance costs. Using dashcams and black boxes are also useful as they can record and monitor the vehicle on the road and provide evidence in the case of an accident.

If fleet insurance sounds like the right option for you, check out the CGA Protect fleet insurance page to see what we cover and send us an enquiry to help you assess if this is the right policy for you.

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