About Us

It's now more than 120 years since the CGA, the Country Gentlemen's Association, was founded.  Queen Victoria was still on the throne, the First World War was more than 20 years away, manned flight was in its infancy as were the motor car, the telephone and so many other things we take for granted these days.

But despite the progress in virtually everything you can think of, the CGA has remained true to the ethos of its founding fathers, to represent and serve the interests of its members through a variety of services, privileges, offers and events.

Much of our offering has of course changed thanks to the passage of time but one thing hasn't - the same degree of courtesy and respect that has been part of the CGA's DNA since its early days is still at the heart of everything the various teams at the CGA headquarters in Wiltshire do.

They offer professional, qualified advice on legal, financial and insurance questions, put together a programme of exclusive events every year and produce an award winning magazine.

That is why I am proud and honoured to be at the helm of what is a truly remarkable organisation - and why I would invite you, if you're not already a member, to follow the links to the membership page on this website and add your name to the 14,500 from all over the UK who are already on our membership list.

I very much look forward to meeting you at a CGA event in the near future. Meanwhile I hope you will enjoy being a member of an organisation which has its roots in the past, its feet firmly planted in the present and its thinking fine tuned to the future.